At Tantus, we take great pride in the toys we make. Silicone is the perfect material for producing fine adult toys, being superior to plastic, vinyl, rubber or jelly.

Unlike plastic or vinyl, it is flexible, making it more comfortable for penetration as well as being non-allergenic.

While rubber & jell are flexible, they are quite difficult to keep clean. They pick up dirt, stains, lint and hair quite easily. Scrubbing usually creates more problems, as both materials tend to disintegrate and form little rubber bits on the surface. The taste and smell of rubber and jelly are a result of the constant release of chemicals (out gassing) which exposes to the user.

Our silicone toys come in a wide range of shapes and colors, most of which fit perfectly in a harness. Silicone toys do cost more, reflecting the fact that silicone costs more. We produce all of our toys by hand, in small batches, here in the United States. They are carefully inspected before leaving our warehouse. We completely guarantee the workmanship of our toys!
Silicone is very resilient. It can be cleaned easily with mild soap and water, or bleached in a 10% solution, even holding up in boiling water to the top shelf of the the dishwasher! Always make sure it is rinsed well and dried before putting away.

Our silicone toys hold heat well and are flexible, making them a fine choice for penetration. If one chooses to swap a toy while playing with your partner, just slip a new condom on!

Watch for things that could cause a rip or tear in your new toy, like teeth, nails, kitty claws, or sharp metal edges. With proper care your beautiful new Tantus toy will last for years and years!

Wishing you many years of enjoyment with your new Tantus toys, Feeldoe and all.

Kris Victor and Metis Black