Feeldoe is a new patented sex toy that is designed especially for women and can be used with other women or men.

It's different because it works just like a strap on sex toy, but with the benefits of having no straps, and does not need to be held by hands, therefore your hands can wonder as much as you like.

Another benefit is that unlike normal strap on toys, the Feeldoe gives pleasure to the wearer as well as the individual receiving.
The Feeldoe is produced by Tantus Silicones Inc, and is registered and protected under US law. Originally conceived by Mia after getting frustrated having to stop in the middle of it all, having to get all strapped up, buckles and all, usually in the dark just to work even harder whilst getting no physical pleasure herself.

In 1980 she decided to develop something she felt would benefit all women who wanted to experiment that little further, so after 10 years of research and development she achieved a toy that removed the delay encountered with straps with the additional benefit of pleasure for the driving partner.

Once perfection was achieved she called it the Feeldoe - "Real FEEL for both DOE"

Text sourced from Feeldoe.com